Corner Plot Garden
Urban gardening in a cold climate with nature in mind


Orange pumpkins, purple cabbage, brusell sprouts and leeks lined up on a paving stone patio.

Garden Successes 2023

This is a counter article to the previous garden fails article I posted, in part to boost my confidence, but
4 min read

Garden Fails 2023 - Sharing my mistakes so you don't make them

It's 2024 somehow, so I've been doing some reflecting on what was the past year in
4 min read
Steel Ooni Karu pizza oven in front of wood pile

Upping my Outdoor Cooking Game - My Review of the Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven

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Row of lettuces interplanted in a garden with green onions on either side.

Ideas for Interplanting in the Vegetable Garden

Interplanting (or intercropping) is simply growing several different types of plants in the same area. Picture acres and acres of
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Miscellaneous colorful seed packets arranged on a wood table.

What Seeds to Start in March

It's nearly spring time in Alberta, hard to tell as it's -15 deg C (5 deg
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Bees sitting on yellow flower covered in pollen.

How to Attract Mason Bees to your Yard

In this article, I dive into what exactly are mason bees, why you want to have them and other native bees around and how to turn your yard into useful habitat for these insects.
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Blank, hand written list for making new year resolutions.

End of 2022 Garden Update and New Year's Resolutions

This growing season I've had some big harvests, finished a few projects and am slowly transforming my yard
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Colorful pile of mixed vegetables.

Vegetable Varieties: My Favorite Picks from the Garden

In this post I share my favorite vegetable varieties from this past season. These are the varieties that I will always find room for in my garden.
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Seek app opening screen.

Figuring out What's Growing in the Garden (with help from Seek)

Learn how to use Seek, the app from iNaturalist that identifies plants and animals using your phone's camera.
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Garden beds, three covered with grow cloths and mulched pathways in between. Early spring in sunshine.

Garden Update - April 2022

Corner plot garden update - start of spring 2022 features wild weather, lots of mulch and finishing up some garden projects. Got a few seeds planted as well.
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