Hello friends,

My name is Andrew Sharp and I have been gardening since 2009. After 8 years of apartment living in Vancouver, with pots on small balconies and temporary community garden space in vacant lots, I've moved back to my hometown and am lucky enough to have a yard to grow in.

Man standing on balcony surrounded by plants. A dog lies on a bed between the plants.
Hello friends! This is me making the most of the small growing space I had when I lived in a 500 square foot apartment in Vancouver.

This site is dedicated to documenting my gardening progress on my corner plot, zone 3b garden, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am turning a lot of lawn into a productive garden, growing food for my family and friends and also building a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy year-round.

You might be interested in this site if you:

  • Want to grow your own food
  • Want to learn about gardening in a cool climate with a short growing season
  • Want to garden efficiently and in an environmentally conscious way, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Happy gardening!


email: info@cornerplotgarden.com // Instagram: @cornerplotgarden