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Blank slate - first post

Kale, lettuces, arugula and squash planted in garden beds.
Thinking about last year's garden.

Today it's -22 degrees C (-8 deg F), there's a blowing snow warning and I'm still thinking about the garden.

Backyard and garage covered in snow.
Hard to tell from the picture, but it's still snowing. Bleak...

At the end of October, my partner and I moved into a house and now we have access to this big back yard. We were in the new place a few weeks before the snow dropped to be able to get the lay of the land, but I'm starting to forget what it's like under all the white. My garden planning has already started though and I have big aspirations for landscaping and for making it more productive.

Currently, there's a fenced area blocking off some in ground vegetable beds, but I'm looking to expand some more. We have no big trees in the back and the whole yard, except the part directly behind the house, gets good sun exposure. It should be ideal for veggie growing, and I hope to be able to grow some extra food for family and friends. If anything, the added growing area will at least cut down on lawn mowing.

I've also been thinking about where I'd like to plant some more fruit trees and shrubs. We inherited a raspberry patch, what I think is a jostaberry bush, some rose bushes and perennial beds that go all along the fence line but to add to the harvest, this year, I am planning on planting some haskaps, saskatoons and a few sour cherry and apple trees. In the next few years I aim to be able to develop the perennial plants to the point where we are growing a good chunk of our house's summer fruit consumption.

When I think of why I started this blog, the main reason is to document and share my ideas and the things I'm learning and working on. Sometimes, I think there is something to be said for just doing the things that interest you to see where they'll go. Who knows if anyone will read this thing (if you're reading this thank you), but I am excited enough about it to get started, even if it's only ever a way for me to put my thoughts down in writing.

I'd be happy to get in touch with any other gardeners who are interested in what I'm doing and hopefully you find the posts I put on here to be a helpful, quality resource and worth reading.

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